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Isaiah 40:31
Pastor: Steve Roach

Steve Roach sroach@texhomaumc.org

Message from the Pastor

Labor Day is come and gone, cool evenings are here, and fall will soon be in the air. Football and softball are key activities now and with that comes tailgating. Tailgating means getting together with like-minded friends to fellowship and eat…always eat. It is a good time! I was thinking of the commitment, the time, and the resources it takes to be a true fan of the game. For instance: Texhoma has 5 home football games and 5 away games this year. The 5 travel games will add up to about 1130 miles traveled and it will take around 20 hours to drive. If you get 18 miles per gallon in your car; that is 63 gallons of gas at $3.65 equals $230.00. There will be meals, tickets, and lost wages. If you are a college sports fan, it takes even more time, money, and commitment (and then there is the tailgating). Jesus reminds us in Luke 14: 25-33 that it takes time, money, and commitment to be a fan of God and follower of Jesus too. The outcome is probably quite a bit more important. Jesus reminds the stadium-sized crowds in this passage, “Whoever does not carry the cross and follow me cannot be my disciple”. The cross is the disciple’s team flag. The cross is both life-giving and life-forming. It stands for sacrificial and loving service, over and above ambition, domination, and selfishness. It reveals the true son-ship of Jesus and the commitment of all who follow Him as well. This faith team commitment will consume a lot of miles (many rough miles); taking a lifetime while costing a lot of money too. Anything worthwhile does. But as we tailgate with Jesus, fellowship with others, and serve as a member of God’s team, we share in God’s glory for all. Who knows we might even break out in song or someone might say, “Remember the year our team…” I hope we are on the winning team for God this year and I hope our kids have great success in their team sports as well. Both are wonderful lessons in life. Have a great season!

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